Glass Thermos Liner

ພວກເຮົາ ແມ່ນ the only manufacturer in China that ແມ່ນ ຍັງ ການຜະລິດ glass ເສັ້ນລວດ for insulated lunch boxes.Glass material insulation thermos bottle liner ແມ່ນ more environmentally friendly ແລະ safer than stainless ເຫຼັກ liner, ແລະ will not decompose harmful substances.The compໃດໆ supports customizing various types of glass ເສັ້ນລວດ.It can ສະຫນອງ three kinds of environmental protection ຊັ້ນຮຽນທີ of medium ແລະ high temperature, which ຕອບສະຫນອງ the import stແລະards of ໃດໆ ປະເທດ in the world.
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